Kristen at the airport in Tokyo x

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It was difficult to believe that I hadn’t just imagined what Edward had said, and the way his eyes had looked. Maybe it was just a very convincing dream that I’d confused with reality. That seemed more probable than that I really appealed to him on any level.

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Kristen leaving her hotel in Singapore (27/09/2014)

  • @daphnetayy: “I MET KRISTEN STEWART ASDFGLJDKSKASBSKSNSOSN. SHE’S LITERALLY JDQIBEKABS PERFECTION. thank you kristen so so much, never in my life would i have expect to meet you in real life and everything just seems so surreal. 5 years of waiting has been worth it, good luck with the promotion of equals! I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Singapore :) ps : she’s so tiny and so cute just asdfghjkl, and yes she asked me for my name ;)
  • @LongLiveRobsten: “Kristen is already out of Singapore, and she is really a ninja. Like really. I’m not even being funny. The crew has also already left, for those who are wondering.”

Amy Cole

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